Workplace Trainings

Equal Employment Opportunity Training

Equal employment opportunity (EEO) is the underlying basis for all employment discrimination laws governing the workplace.  For employers to avoid liability when their employees and/or managers violate these laws, it is essential that they provide staff with EEO training and education.  In learning about equal employment opportunity theory and laws, managers and employees will understand the root of workplace discrimination laws and how some of their actions can be perceived as discriminatory and disrespectful to others.

In Reid Kelly, P.C. EEO trainings, your employees will learn the latest developments and legal cases regarding employee discrimination theories, as well as practical compliance tips to help them avoid conduct that could lead to EEO violations. Our EEO training offerings include: racial discrimination, sexual harassment, nationality discrimination, religious discrimination, English-only rules, dress and appearance standards, hiring guidelines, FMLA, ADA, I-9 compliance, and much more.  While employers typically seek to train their staff in response to specific incidents, in many cases it may be too late to avoid liability.  Instead, employers would be prudent to proactively train their personnel before trouble arises.

Union Avoidance Training

Employers wishing to avoid being unionized must ensure that their managers understand their responsibilities in the establishment and maintenance of a work environment that is founded on positive employee relations. Employers must be sure that their managers recognize that promoting positive employee relations is a key component of their job, and that they will be held accountable for any perceived leadership deficiencies in how they perform this function.  Employers themselves must understand that since the organization speaks through its leaders, it is crucial that their managers effectively articulate the company’s viewpoint and recognize how union issues impact the company.

As such, key to any employer wishing to remain union-free is the employer taking a proactive role in assisting supervisors at all levels of the company in consistently adhering to the philosophy that employees are valuable contributors to the employer’s success, and should be treated as such.  While some of the information we impart in trainings covering these subjects can seem unimportant and/or trivial at first glance, in our experience it is of critical importance in the quest to avoid unionization of your workforce.  Positive employee relations and informative communications are the cornerstone of any successful union avoidance strategy.  In furtherance of this philosophy, depending on the particular situation, we provide training on the following topics, among others:

• What drives employees to turn to unions;
• Why employers do not want a union;
• Role of a supervisor/manager in staying union free;
• Recognizing the signs of a union organizing campaign;
• Responding to a union organizing campaign;
• Restrictions on employer conduct in an organizing campaign.

With the experience and expertise of a large law firm, and the flexibility and lower costs of a small law firm, Reid Kelly, P.C. is committed to ensuring that small companies, and not-for-profits, have access to competent labor & employment  trainings at rates that are reasonable and affordable.  Call us at (718) 412-8452, or contact us online here.

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