Traditional Labor Law

Reid Kelly P.C. strongly believes that positive labor-management relations are best attained through a conscious commitment by management to follow preventive labor strategies.  Key to this is our work with executives and company owners in fashioning lawful policies and corporate communications fostering positive employee relations.  We have experience helping employers maintain their union-free status both by preemptive positive employee relations trainings, and by defeating unions in NLRB elections.

For our unionized clients, we provide representation in mediations, arbitrations, collective bargaining (both behind the scenes and on the record), and in NLRB proceedings (elections and ULP litigation).  We regularly counsel clients facing a myriad of labor challenges, including picketing/handbilling, strikes/slowdowns, union online social media campaigns, union organizing, grievance issues and investigations, and unfair labor practices.

Our proactive approach means that we consult our clients for a firm understanding of their business goals, and then apply our experience in creating practical strategies designed to attain those goals.  Past bargaining history, grievance trends, arbitration awards, collective bargaining agreements, industry trends and standards, and legal developments, are all among many factors that we consider in our approach to solving our clients’ labor challenges.   Contact us today to begin your proactive and preventative labor-management relations policy.

With the experience and expertise of a large law firm, and the flexibility and lower costs of a small law firm, Reid Kelly, P.C. is committed to ensuring that small companies, and not-for-profits, have access to competent representation in traditional labor law matters at rates that are reasonable and affordable.  For more information, call us at (718) 412-8452, or contact us online here.

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