Individual Clients

Our services can be tailored for all individuals, from the executive ranks all the way to the rank and file employee.  Thus, where appropriate, we can provide a free or low cost consultation to prospective individual clients, depending on the nature of the case.   We know that Businesses seek attorneys with experience focused in areas relevant to their specific cases.  Reid Kelly, P.C. enables individuals to make the same decision with respect to their labor, employment, and immigration law cases.

In workplace law matters, all too often, employees faced with disciplinary action or discrimination on the job go to their local neighborhood lawyer for advice on what to do.  These lawyers may be exceptional  landlord/tenant attorneys, criminal law attorneys, bankruptcy attorneys, etc., but they do not have the depth of labor and employment law experience that Reid Kelly, P.C. has.  Experience matters.  An analogy would be someone going to a brain surgeon for a heart ailment.  When your job or career is on the line, you need the counsel of an experienced labor and employment attorney.

Similarly, individuals faced with immigration issues do not have time for trial and error.  When attorneys not versed in immigration law make mistakes in cases, it may lead to their client’s deportation.  Reid Kelly, P.C. has the experience required to properly assess immigration cases and chart the appropriate course for individuals in immigration matters.

Practice areas in which we represent individuals include:

Labor & Employment Law:

*Severance Agreement Review/negotiation

*Racial Discrimination

*Sexual Harassment


*DFR Cases

Wage & Hour Cases (Failure to pay overtime, minimum wage)


*Family-based Petitions

*Deportation & Removal



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In response to requests from many of our individual clients looking for assistance with other legal issues affecting their lives, Reid Kelly, P.C. now also offers individual clients legal services in the following areas: Residential Closings, Consumer Debt Settlement, and Divorce. We provide legal services at cost-effective rates through a variety of flexible fee arrangements.  In some cases that may mean certain transactions can be offered at a flat rate, and others can be offered at a mixed rate or straight hourly rate.

Reid Kelly, P.C. Principal Attorney Shaun C.  Reid is a proud member of the National Employment Lawyers Association (NELA).



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