Employment Law Matters

Employment Law & Human Resource Counseling

Reid Kelly, P.C. advises small business and not-for-profit clients on a wide array of employment law matters, ranging from pre-employment screening to post termination issues, and everything in between.  Areas covered include FLSA wage & hour laws, employment discrimination laws, including Title VII, NYLL, NJLAD, ADA, FMLA, and ADEA.  Clients also consult us on matters related to drafting company personnel policies and handbooks, immigration compliance, and NLRA, NLRB, grievances, and other union-related issues.  Our goal is to help our clients proactively avoid legal liability under labor and employment laws.

While we work directly with business owners, corporate directors and executives, we also work via arrangements whereby our clients’ human resource departments call us directly under our Telephone Consultation Package.  Under this package, our clients pay a flat fee covering a set amount of phone consultations at no additional charge.  We offer this package because all too often small businesses and not-for-profits do not seek the legal counsel that they need at the time that they need it, simply due to the fear (often well-founded) of being billed excessive legal fees.   Under this package, we have found that when fees are transparent, reasonable and predictable, clients proactively seek legal advice at the time that they need it.   We believe in the old adage that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and our clients that utilize the Telephone Consultation Package agree.

Employment Contracts

We negotiate, draft, or review all sorts of employment agreements, including the following: employment contracts and employment agreements; compensation agreements; executive employment agreements; non-compete, non-solicitation and trade secret agreements; restrictive covenants; covenant not to compete provisions; gardening leave agreements; settlement negotiations and settlement agreements; severance negotiations and severance agreements; general releases and release agreements; and independent contractor agreements.

Employment Litigation.

Reid Kelly, P.C.’s employment litigation practice aggressively defends our business and not-for-profit clients in employment cases in administrative agencies, arbitral forums, and state and federal courts.  The matters we handle cover the full range of employment law issues, including racial discrimination and harassment, sexual harassment, gender discrimination, national origin, religious discrimination, retaliation, ADA discrimination, FMLA, employment agreements, restrictive covenants, FLSA and state wage and hour actions, labor injunctions, and unfair labor practices.

While litigation can be a major source of anxiety for any employer, with our creative fee structures our clients are able to budget for the legal fees associated with the case, enabling them to conduct better cost-benefit analysis of the litigation at each phase of the case.   We understand that regardless of the fact that we are prepared to zealously defend our clients through to verdict, sometimes it is in the client’s best interest to settle at a strategic point in the case.  Our client’s goals guide our litigation strategy.

Employment Law Compliance Training

Reid Kelly, P.C. trains business and not-for-profit owners, executives, supervisors, and employees on how to comply with federal, state, and local labor, employment and immigration laws, including union avoidance, union campaigns, sexual and other forms of harassment, retaliation, workplace violence, and diversity and sensitivity.

With state and federal agencies reporting record complaints being filed at their agencies by disgruntled employees, the prudent employer must take steps to insulate themselves from liability for acts committed by wayward   employees and managers.  Studies show that employers that take a proactive approach to EEO law compliance generally have higher levels of employee morale and productivity.  Thus, company executives need to view EEO compliance not just as a matter of avoiding liability (which is very important considering multi-million dollar judgments plaintiffs have won against employers), but also as a matter of increasing profitability.  In short, a commitment to serious EEO law compliance is a win-win for employers and employees alike.

With the experience and expertise of a large law firm, and the flexibility and lower costs of a small law firm, Reid Kelly, P.C. is committed to ensuring that small companies, and not-for-profits, have access to competent representation in employment law matters at rates that are reasonable and affordable.  Call us at (718) 412-8452, or contact us online here.

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