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Small Business and Not-for-profit Clients

Individual Clients

Our law practice concentrates in the areas of labor, employment, and immigration law.  Within these areas, we represent small businesses, not-for-profits, and individuals.  This includes anything from doing preventative anti-harassment training on-site at a small business or not-for-profit client, counseling individuals on addressing abusive treatment at work, to representing small businesses in NLRB representation and ULP hearings.  We represent individuals, not-for-profits, and small businesses in wage and hour matters, immigration matters, FMLA/ADA matters, and age discrimination cases.  Small businesses and not-for-profits with a small or non-existent human resource department find that one of our best services is the HR phone consultation package, which effectively supplements their human resource function in real time, without the cloud of anticipated inflated legal fees that typically hangs over their heads when dealing with larger labor & employment law firms.

Workplace Law (Labor & Employment)

Services for Small Businesses & Non-profits: Employment Law, Traditional Labor,

Workplace Trainings.

Services for Individual Clients: Racial Discrimination, Sexual Harassment.

We start with the premise that workplace law issues can often be resolved through constructive engagement between the parties.  Given the many labor and employment laws on the books, it stands to reason that companies and individuals are often misinformed on what the laws cover and require.  In our experience, open dialogue on equal footing can lead to mutually beneficial resolution of workplace law issues resulting in a win-win for both parties.  However, when such an approach is not feasible, or the matter has deteriorated beyond such a point prior to our being retained, we are strong advocates for our clients in court, in arbitration, and before government agencies.

Workplace abuses can come from both management and disruptive employees.  On the other hand, workplace fairness is good for business, and great for the individuals that work for them.   Thus, we take cases that seek to restore the proper balance in the workplace and foster workplace fairness.   This may mean defending small business clients from frivolous and potentially expensive litigation, or suing on behalf of an employee whose rights were violated by an unscrupulous employer.

Immigration Law

Services for Small Businesses & Non-profits: Business Immigration.

Services for Individual Clients: Immigration.

Our immigration practice covers the needs of businesses looking to retain qualified immigrants and non-immigrants in essential positions within their organization, and also the needs of people looking to gain or adjust status on the basis of family relationships.  We spend time with our clients to fully examine the various immigration options that may exist for them, and advise them in accordance with their goals.  We stay abreast of the ever-changing immigration laws to ensure that our clients receive current and accurate counsel.


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For our business and individual clients with legal interests in Barbados, West Indies, ask about our affiliation with Barbados law firm Ladonian Legal Services.

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