Give Your HR Policies a Check-Up for the New Year

At the start of each year, we are reminded to do an annual check on any number of things in our personal lives.  For instance, among other things, we are reminded to schedule doctor’s appointments, car tune-ups, review personal finances, and change the batteries in smoke detectors.  These are all typically things we have dealt with before, but each New Year serves as a reminder to take time out to check that these things are in order.   The same should be true of your business anti-harassment policies and procedures.

Some companies have a tendency to do all of the hard work in drafting proper policies, and doing staff training, only to think that once they have done these things their work is done.  In reality, such work is never done, and needs to be kept fresh at least annually via training, and policy republication.  This serves not only as a means to reduce the likelihood of incidents happening, but this also serves to boost morale and productivity by comforting employees in the knowledge that they work in a harassment-free work place.  With the EEOC reporting 99,412 discrimination charges filed in fiscal year 2012, all employers are on notice to be extra diligent in educating personnel, and enforcing company policies on anti-harassment.

On the jump, the good folks at Business Management Daily have some useful tips on ways to audit your policies and tune them up in preparation for the months ahead.  Click Here

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